Friday, March 15, 2013

South Boulder Creek

My home water, South Boulder Creek, is very low...hardly a trickle, but the last few days have been so warm and beautiful it has been impossible to stay indoors and labor away at tying or writing projects. Nothing seems more important than being outside with a rod in hand. So Erin and I saddled up and hit the creek for a few hours in the afternoon. In the truck and past Carl's Corner and the canyon liquor store...down the bumpy red-dirt road and on to to the creek. There were a few others down on the water, but is did not deter us as it sometimes has in the past. We were just "glad to be out" as people say. (People we usually make fun of.) Midges were hatching and there were a few trout rising to them...but we took all of our fish below the surface, on small stuff like beadhead Juju's and a fly Erin calls the "Queen E". It was a good day.


  1. Jay,

    Glad you and Erin got out for a few hours. Today I had awoken to find about 6 new inches (add that on to yesterday's 6 inches) of snow, and temperatures about -13˚C. Safe to say, I'm not exactly raring to go today. In a couple weeks, our foothills streams open for fishing, and my own lady and I are planning a drive, and hopefully a few ice-free sections of brown trout water to throw some casts into.

    Nice brown.


  2. Beautiful Brown Jay. I'm glad you guys went out even though it meant missing you at the shop. I should have gone out yesterday instead of today.

  3. Show us the Queen E!


  4. This is the guide you need to follow every time you go for fly fishing!

  5. I saw you guys on the stream. wasn't sure it was you until I saw it in the blog. cool to see a 'celeb' on my favorite local stream, too

    1. That celeb thing is a bit of a stretch...say hey next time!