Sunday, April 28, 2013

Walking the Dog

Today was far too nice of a day to be inside or do chores...even if they were piling up as fast as the snow drifts were melting. It was hot even up in the canyon. I lay in bed this morning and tied to remember if I still had enough kindling to start a fire, or if I was going to have to trudge out back in my knee boots and pajama bottoms looking like a mountain bumpkin. But it was not even chilly enough to warrant a fire...

Erin and I both tried to get some odds and ends done around the cabin and even sat down around lunchtime to get some writing done. Erin grueled through some more footnotes for a book she is wrapping up and I tried to focus on a project that is in that scary stage of barely being started...but the first half of the advance on royalties has been spent. So my bills are payed, but I am now kinda committed. Enslaved to the keyboard. But we both looked outside, looked at each other...and then at the dog. We should really take him for a walk, we agreed.


  1. Jay, I could think of about 214 worse ways to spend a work day!

  2. Know anything about the Gunnison River. I'll be out that way in October.
    Near Grand Junction. Looking for a cheep place to camp a day or two. Fish the gunnison and maybe some near by streams for some Brookies.
    Just fishing for info email

  3. Hi, a group of 4 of us from Chicago are heading out the first week of September for a 6 day backpacking / fly fishing tip. We are looking for advice on either good loop trails for that length of trip or base camp / day hike options. We prefer to be more remote ( less people) and have access at least part of the time to fly fishing. We are flying into Denver so would like to be within a few hours of there if possible. Any advice you can give would be great! My number is 312-286-1801, or email me.